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Chitosan weight loss reviews

Apr 10th, 2013

Chitosan is known to a lot of people as  a popular weight loss  supplement.  Many believed that it primarily assist in flushing unwanted fats.  It has a cellulose-like fiber that absorb fat and oils 10 times its original weight just  like a sponge.  Its chemical structure is similar to that of cellulose, the fibrous material that constitutes the cell wals of the plant.  This offers the explanation on how manufacturers and developers of chitosan products worldlwide can claim that it contains 100 percent fiber essential to trigget massive weight loss.  The fibrous characteristic also aid in the cleansing of the colon.

Chitosan weight loss reviews:  Fat blocker

Chitosan is very effective for binding fat. It blocks the substances responsible for breaking down fats, namely the pancreatic enzymes and biles.  This prevents fat from being absorbed by the body.  It can also bind lipids in the gastrointestinal tract, resulting to lower absorption of lipids of fats.  As a result, this leads to a more lower body weight because fat pass through your body istead of storing in the fat cells.  Chitosan also has the ability to make you feel less hungry just like other weight loss supplements. Adding chitosan supplement will help achieve faster and safer weight loss than pure diet.

Chitosan weight loss reviews: It help lowers cholesterol

It is widely believed that chitosan affects the cholesterol levels and weight of an individual because it contains positively charged amino groups.  These groups can bind negatively charged moledules such as lipids (fats) and bile.  These groups prevents lipids and biles from being abosrbed by the body.  This process is known as “Hydrophobic Interactions” where chitosan salts  react with fatty acids and bind lipids.  These lipids are excreted out of our system rather than being absorbed. Added to that chitosan lowers the bad cholesterol, LDL while increasing its healthy counterpart, HDL.  Chitosan also binds LDL and excrete them out of the body.

Chitosan weight loss reviews:  It helps cure Crohn’s disease

Also known as regional enteritis, Crohn’s disease is an inflammatory diseas of the intestines that may affect any part of the gastrointestinal tract.  There is a wide variety of symptoms for this disease which includes abdominal pain, vomitting and diarrhea where there may be blood presence if the inflammation is severe.  Other complication outside the gastrointestinal tract includes lack of concentration, tiredness, inflammation of the eye, arthritis and rashes.  Chitosan helps in the cure of this disease.  Chitosan prevents the absorption of dietary fats thereby decreassing intestinal inflammation.  The water-insoluble dietary fiber content of chitosan is what absorb these fats and turn them into fecal fat excretion.

 Chitosan weight loss reviews:  It helps cure sleep apnea

Chitosan can reduce body fat by at least ten percent.  This will in turn increase energy level, where it make it easier to exercise and burn more calories.  Sleep apnea is commonly experienced especially by overweight individuals.  Sleep apnea is low breathing or difficulty of breathing during sleep that lead to overall damage to one’s health.  Increasing weight loss will make you more mobile.  Mobility helps prevent illness attributed to a sendentary lifestyle,  it allows you to increase your heart rate, breathing and proper blood circulation.  Makers of chitosan products suggest to combine a regular exercise regimen with chitosan for better weight loss results.

Chitosan weight loss reviews:  Clinical study

In a study conducted by Shimane Institute of Health Science in Izumo, Japan, ninety female volunteers with hypocholesterolemia, a risk factor for cardivascular disease, were randomly given chitosan. Age of the participants varied from 34 to 7o yrs old. Participants did not altered their diet for the duration of the study. After the 28th and 56th day of the study, reserachers found out that chitosan significantly reduced total cholesterol 3.19%  compared to placebo .04%.  Furthermore, the chitosan group significantly reduced total and LDL cholesterol compared with placebo.  There were no adverse effects reported.   The results demonstrate that chitosan is effective and safe for cholesterol reduction, however the said effect is mild.

Chitosan weight loss reviews: allergy alert

Dieters allergic to shellfish products which includes shrimps, crabs and shell products should be extremely caution in taking chitosan supplement.  Majority of chitosan supplements are extracted from shells of shrimp, lobster and crabs.  Chitsoan products may be exposed and contaminated with heavy metals elements.  This contaminants includes lead, mercury, iron, and copper.  It is also not recommended for children, pregnant patients and nursing mothers.  Chitosan is also known to decrease the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, which are essential and beneficial to our body.  Chitosan shoud not be taken on a long term basis.

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