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Calcium pyruvate weight loss review

Apr 10th, 2013

What is calcium pyruvate?

<img src="calciumpyruvate.jpg" alt="calcium pyruvate weight loss">It is a chemical substance in our body which was produced as a result of glucose metabolism.  It basically control an individual’s metabolic rate and is produced in the liver.  Research suggest that the more pyruvate an individual can produce, the more fat an individual can burn daily. Since it is not an artificial stimulant to the metabolism, there are conclusive findings that it will not increase blood pressure and is safe for human consumption.

It is the final form of all carbohydrates.  Everytime glucose that is found in our blood is pulled into our cells and is converted into energy, the end form is pyruvate.  Just think of glucose as “blood sugar”, an analogy is to regard pyruvate as the kindling for “cell sugar”.

A deeper look at calcium pyruvate  weight loss

Manufacturers of calcium pyruvate products claim that it helps in burning fat to create  additional fuel for the body to use. It helps to reduce body fat that is stored around the belly area and other parts of the body.  The more energy it generate, the more it helps the body to function more efficiently.  This comes in handy when exercising.  Supplements of this products are believed to help weight and fat loss by increasing resting metabolic rate.  The mechanism  to which this work for weight loss is to increase the ATP output of the Krebs Cycle.  In lay man’s term, you burn more energy, you burn more calories and thus experience more weight loss.

There are at least 10  calcium pyruvate weight loss study to date.  All of these show weight loss from pyruvate.  One study conducted by Dr R. Stanko in Pittsburgh, PA studied the effects of these products in obese women over a period of three weeks.  The participants were divided into two groups both of which followed the same caloried liquid diet, but one group took 36 grams of pyruvate per day.  Results yield that those taking pyruvate lost 13 pounds on the average versus of 9.5 pounds on the other.  Another study done in 1999 was conduted  with healthy individuals who exercise. Like previous studies, those who consumed a higher dose of pyruvate has lost a higher percentage of body weight.

As a fat burner

A major calcium pyruvate weight loss  benefit is,  it assit in burning fat in order to create more fuel for the body to use, this product aids to reduce body fat that is concentrated around the abdomen and other parts of the body.  Indirectly, this may also lead to conclusion that calcium pyruvate helps in mental not just physical health as there are direct correlation between the two.  It will enhance the effectiveness of the compound that is already present in the body and increase the ability of the individual to maintain energy for successive days as well as prevent accumulation of extra pounds.

As an antioxidant

A calcium pyruvate weight loss research conducted by Dr. Greenway, an enndocrinologist in Baton Rouge, claims that pyruvate is an essential constituent of human metabolism, so its safety should be high and that it decreases cholesterol in high-fat diet.  That pyruvate has the necessary high oxidant activity and seems to improve cardiac function.  This product is an effective anti-oxidant as hospitals begun to store transplant organs in pyruvate.  It has managed to lengthen the life spans of organs from eighteen hours to a week.  The same free radicals that pyruvate attacks are also present in an individual’s body and in the same manner, pyruvate keep them at bay.

Calcium Pyruvate weight loss relation to energy and endurance

Endurance athletes will benefit from calcium pyruvate supplements as  are they are constantly turning over ATP production required for sufficient energy which they need to perform sustained bouts of exercise.  The theoretical benefits of calcium pyruvate is the transportation of glucose and protein to our muscle cells and producing optimal levels of ATP or Adenosine Triphosphate, referred to as “nature’s energizer”.  It can be found in all cells and is the “spark that lights the fire”.  It function as the trigger to cellular metabolism and with it, cells have no energy to repair, reproduce or function.

Other calcium pyruvate weight loss benefits and side effects

There are suggestions that calcium pyruvate also boost anti-oxidant activity for antiaging, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, increased glycogen storage and untilization.  It also has a known effect on increased muscle building and retention.  There are also studies that points to increased resting metabolic rate and higher fatty acid utilization as  indirect benefits.   Since it is naturally made and used in the body, there is no risk of an overdose.  However, there are incidents of increased bowel movement, bloating,  diarrhea and gas recorded as side effects.There are always risk associated to the use of calcium pyruvate weight loss supplements specially if the user has a prescriptive medication.

Just like any other nutritional product, it is always recommended for who are considering using this product or supplement to check with a medical professional first.  They can alert the dieter user of any pre existing medical condition that might inhibit the effectiveness of the calcium pyruvate

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