7 Tips To Cure Any Cellulite Problem

Jun 10th, 2013


CELULITEIf you have a cellulite problem then you know how hard it can be to get rid of it. It seems those stubborn dimples just won’t go away. Well, here are 8 tips to help in reducing cellulite.

1. Increase the flow of blood through problem areas.

This can be accomplished by applying cellulite cream or lotion to the areas you want to work on. Also, skin brushing will provide additional help to promote increased blood flow, which aids in the battle against cellulite.

2. Drink water.

Water helps to assure that your body’s cells are hydrated and functioning properly. It strengthens them and helps fight off the fat cells that form cellulite.

3. Build tissue connectors.

By giving your body the right amount of vitamins and nutrients it needs, you can build up and increase the growth of connective tissues that help prevent fat from pushing through to the surface.

4. Prevent cell breakdown.

Damage to your skin from things like being out in the sun too long can easily cause cells to become damaged and deteriorated. Use products that help in preventing this from occurring.

5. Build more cells.

Giving your body the “supplies” so to speak that it needs to maintain and build healthy cells, will lead to stronger skin and likelihood of eliminating a cellulite problem.

6. Eliminate those damaging free – radicals.

Free-radicals are your skin’s worst enemy. They destroy skin tissue which in turn creates even more cellulite problems. Things like smoking, alcohol, poor eating habits, and too much sun will all result in doing damage to your skin.

7. Remove dead skin.

The older people get, the more time it takes for our cells to replenish themselves and be removed. Dead skin doesn’t protect the body from cellulite. So, the best thing you can do is to remove them by using a skin brush. This will help eliminate the dead ones and promote the formation of new healthy ones.

By following these tips and learning more about the root causes of cellulite, you can start to eliminate any cellulite problem.

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5 Anti Aging Tips to Keep You Young

Jun 10th, 2013



You Will Look Younger With These Anti Aging Tips

I am going to share the reason why people think I am 25 years younger than I really am, with some helpful anti aging tips that really do work.

People are always quite astonished when they find out my age and I feel really blessed to have kept a youthful appearance, despite the fact that I am in my 50s. There are reasons why I look younger than I am, and I will share my anti aging tips with you.

Like most people, I am not fond of getting older, but I don’t obsess about it. In fact, getting older can release a lot of stress in some ways. I have discovered that as I age, I just don’t sweat the small stuff the way that I used to. I am a bit of a perfectionist in everything I do, and that certainly caused me some anxiety throughout the years. Both in my career and in my home, I would find myself redoing tasks over and over until I got it right. The jobs I did couldn’t just be very good, they had to be perfect..at least in my opinion. I should have plenty of stress lines on my face, but I don’t.

People that I have known for years have asked me if I have tapped into a secret fountain of youth. They ask me, “You never seem to age, and so what is your secret?” I don’t have deep dark secrets, but there are definite reasons why I have been fortunate to be considered very youthful looking, as I grow older.

My Secret Anti Aging Tips

Anti aging tip #1 – I really take care good of my skin. I use a natural cleanser product to wash off all my makeup nightly. I also use a good moisturizer every single day, without fail. You need to constantly add moisture your skin, and you should start using moisturizer in your 20′s and 30′s, and even more so, as you get older. Twice a day I apply moisturizer to my entire face, neck and chest, in the morning and at bed time. It is the one item I would never be without no matter where I go. There are some pretty fantastic anti aging and wrinkle reduction creams that will really reduce the lines on your face. I love natural skin products for my face because they don’t contain any harmful ingredients that could cause allergies, or clog my pores.

Anti aging tip # 2 – I drink 4-6 large glasses of water on a daily basis. I love water and sometimes I will add a slice of lemon or lime or maybe a flavour packet, which are now plentiful on the market. Drinking a lot of water has also contributed to the youthful appearance of my skin. The body and skin needs constant hydration and water is the purest and best source of fluid for your skin and body. Stay away from drinking sugar laden sodas or juices. There have been reported negative health impacts of drinking sugary beverages that have been published in medical journals. I call water my liquid gold.

Anti aging tip #3 – I use instant tanning lotion to give my skin that special glow. It’s no secret that you need to stay out of the harmful rays of sun, or wear heavy sun protection nowadays. Nothing will age your skin faster than sun bathing. I have seen so many people who look much older than their years because of sun bathing. It causes the skin to look leathery and dried out. There are beautiful natural, instant sun tanning creams on the market now that blend beautifully and give your skin that healthy look and glow. The sun-kissed look adds a youthful vitality to your appearance. I apply instant sun tanning lotion or cream every season of the year. An additional bonus is that having a bit of color on your skin makes you look slimmer. Gone are the days of laying in the sun, exposing your skin to harmful rays. This is a major health risk and with all the great instant tanning products now available, there is no need damage your skin. And if you think sun tanning salons are safe, do some research. The light sources in tanning salons are two to three times more powerful than the sun’s UVA rays.

Anti aging tip #4 – Having white teeth can erase years off of your appearance, and I keep my teeth healthy and white. Healthy looking gums and white teeth are extremely important for so many reasons. Aside from the awful prospect of losing your teeth, gum disease has been linked to heart attacks and strokes. So brush and floss regularly and go for regular checkups. You can really enhance your appearance with brilliant white teeth, and you don’t need to pay a fortune to have it done at the dentist. There are teeth whiteners available at your pharmacy and online. Take it from me, they do work and can make your teeth 5 times whiter. Use a teeth whitening kit and you will see a dramatic difference, and the effects can last for six months. I love that it is so easy and convenient and cost-effective to whiten your teeth at home. It’s something you should really do to shave years off your age and enjoy a stunning smile.

Anti aging tip #5 – I am one of those people who love makeup, but as I grow older, I know what works best for me. When I was younger, I used every kind of makeup product that you can imagine! I look at older pictures of myself and think, “Wow, what was I thinking?” I learned that gobs of makeup on older women can really add years to your appearance and make you look dated. Gaudy and brightly colored eye shadow really shows off the folds on your eyelids and can look really ridiculous. Clumpy, heavy eyelash mascara is definitely not attractive. The more subtle you are with your makeup, the more natural and younger you will look. Go for soft taupe colored eye shadow shades that blend nicely with your skin color, but give a bit of drama to your eyes. Choose quality mascara that doesn’t clump, but extends your lashes and adds color. I have my favourites. Most importantly, I only use mineral and natural based makeup for my skin, and the same goes for blush. I never use liquid foundation and haven’t for years. Once I discovered natural skin products I never looked back, and have been using them for years.

Well now you know my secrets and anti aging tips, and I hope they have helped you in some way. If you begin incorporating the use of these tips, I guarantee you will appear much younger than you are. Try using these anti aging tips and drink in all the compliments that will come your way.

Linda McLellan is a Life Improvement and Well Being Coach. She provides guidance, encouragement and recommendation for trusted, high quality health products to help her clients achieve better health results. Living a prosperous life means more than having wealth. True prosperity means feeling great and looking fantastic. If your well being and excellent health is a priority in your life, then go to http://BestHealthPlace.com and see the positive results for yourself.

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A Few Simple Home Acne Treatment Methods for Teens

Jun 10th, 2013



ACNEThere is no great secret for preventing acne especially if you are an adolescent and home acne treatment is really not impossible if you know certain facts on how acne should be treated. The foremost thought should be on prevention of acne, and the easiest way to help with this is to keep the pores of you skin fresh and unclogged. The best way to keep your skin in good health is to know about home products that will aid in keeping your skin free from dirt and help improve your complexion and make you skin clean and beautiful. Some very effective home acne treatment remedies can indeed be done at home and it is best to know what these home acne treatment remedies are.

Common Home Acne Treatments

For those that have tried having a facial job done by a professional, you will know that the use of steam during the acne treatment is very relaxing. Being at home doesn’t mean you can;t have the same type of steam treatment for you acne. Using a bit of care and safety measures you can quite easily steam your clogged pores. The procedure for this type of acne treatment is quite simple and involves the following simple steps

1. Bring a pot of water to boil on the stove

2. Place the pot of boiling water on a hot pad

3. Position your face over the pot being careful not to burn yourself on the edges of the pot

4. Drape a towel over your head catching the cleaning steam vapors

The steps above gives you a simple yet effective home steam treatment ideal for unclogging those pores and act as an acne treatment. In order improve and enhance the experience to another level, you can add essential oils and whole herbs to the pot of water the moment it starts to boil. This will give you added benefits in your home acne treatment prerogative, especially if you add other herbs such as mint which helps break up the oil and dirt in the skin pores which also aids in loosening your sinuses.

Other ingredients that you can use in you home acne treatment are Rose hips which are full of vitamin A that infuse your skin cells will a variety of regenerative properties and lavender which brings an additional layer of relaxation which is indeed very relaxing and for those that have not tried a relaxing lavender enhance steam treatment this may be the most opportune time for you to have a relaxing time while getting your home acne treatment done.

A Simple Home Acne Mask Treatment to Try

Sometimes in the process of getting acne treatment you may visit your local salon or spa for a facial mask that can cost you a few hundred dollars, but at home you can replicate the acne treatment [http://www.acnehealthguide.com/category/treatments/] you would normally receive for a lot less. Many of the expensive acne treatment masks are essentially made up of ingredients that are actually easy to find such as honey, oatmeal, mint, avocado and wheat germ. By experimenting with some of the items that are found in your pantry or kitchen you will be able to determine how easy and simple it is to create an all natural skin mask.

Mixing together some mashed avocado to a small dab of honey and ground almonds into a thick paste and applying it to your face, letting dry for about fifteen minutes then gently scrubbing off is an example of many invigorating masks you can try. This simple mask mixture will let the honey dry out the pores of your skin, allow the avocado to moisturize the skin and the almond will provide the exfoliating benefits, a great method for acne treatment indeed.

There are just simply so many combinations and mask mixes that you can try and experiment with and be able to discover the ones that you like the most and the ones that work best for you in your acne treatment quest. The costs are also nominal compared to going to your local salon that you virtually do as many treatments as needed depending on how much acne treatment is required.

Other Home Acne Treatments you can do.

There are a good number of other home acne treatment methods you can also try using the ingredients that are normally available in your kitchens, and some of these acne treatment methods include:

1. Cooked oatmeal – After it has been cooled down, it can be applied daily to the affected areas and allowed to stay for around fifteen to twenty minutes and this should be washed off.

2. Lemon juice and rose water – If applied in equal amounts regularly it can be a great home acne treatment. Simply apply the solution on the affected areas and leave for about thirty minutes and the wash off. Use this acne treatment method for the duration of around fifteen to twenty consecutive days.

3. Fresh garlic – This is another ideal home acne treatment that may work for some people since garlic is essentially a great anti-septic. Just rub a few pounded garlic cloves around the affected areas and keep for fifteen minute, then wash off. Take note that there may be a slight sting when applying to the affected areas using this home acne treatment method.

4. Tea bags and basil leaves – Using a simple mixture of two or three tea bags and basil mixed together in hot water for ten minutes may be applied over the affected areas using a cotton ball, a easy yet quite effective home acne treatment solution.

5. Ground Bay leaves – By blanching them in water, they can provide quite an effective home acne treatment that could work for some people. Just let it cool down before applying the ground bay leaves on the affected areas in order to provide acne treatment.

These are but a few of the home acne treatment methods that may work for some individuals and are indeed quite effective. Take into consideration the severity of your condition as this may require the expertise of a professional skin specialist and that home acne treatment remedies work for all people. If home acne treatment does not work for you, do not leave off going to your dermatologist and get the acne treatment from them. If having tried the methods for home acne treatment and does not yield any positive results then consultation with a dermatologist is obviously the next recourse as there may be specific medication needed for your condition.

Luvi Marie Corcuera is the Editor of Informational sites such as:

Acne Treatment [http://www.acnehealthguide.com] and

Bonsai Growing [http://www.bonsaispecialist.com]

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Weight Loss Pills – Should You Try Them Or Not?

Jun 10th, 2013



my bodyOne of the biggest lifestyle diseases that has snowballed into a primary health concern for people all over the world in the 21st century is obesity. Obesity increases the chance of potentially life threatening ailments like diabetes, heart ailments, stokes, cardiac arrest, arthritis etc and a multi million dollar weight loss industry has sprung up to help people fight their obesity.

There are many people who are tired of other people’s snide remarks regarding their ballooning waistline. They feel ashamed of themselves when they see their own bloated up reflection in the mirror. Out of sheer desperation, they are ready to do anything from crash dieting to gymming to taking weight loss supplements like pills to reduce their weight.

This is where the diet pill or weight loss pill industry comes in. The guys behind the marketing campaign try to play on the sentiments of these desperate people trying to ward off the social stigma attached to being like an oversized balloon and they have flooded the market with weight loss pills of a mind-boggling variety, relying solely on clever marketing blitz and customers’ ignorance and gullibility.

Diet pills or weight loss supplements are available in online stores and chemist shops. Some of these pills which are approved by FDA are good, effective, and are sold over the counter. But as about the rest, the less said the better. Most of these contain harmful ingredients and have been banned or disapproved by FDA, but some unscrupulous chemists are still selling these banned items under the counter.

There are some pills like CHITOSAN, GUAR GUM and CHROMIUM which claim to be market leaders and are very popular, they also claim to be safe. But the truth is that most of these weight loss pills are anything but safe, they have long term side effects which can be extremely hazardous and fatal, and to be very frank they are not very effective.

In fact most of these pills are worthless and a waste of money and doctors always advise against using these products. Barring those that are effective and prescription pills, the rest wreak havoc on your system and do not match up to the standards set down by the medical community in USA or by the FDA.

Apart from the chemical pills, there are herbal weight loss pills available in the market, which claim to be safer than their chemical counterparts and style themselves as magic cures or wonder pills that can reduce all your weight for you without your having to lift even one finger! But these herbal pills contain lethal ingredients like hydroxycitric acid, pyruvate, I-carnitine, glucomannan, guarana, conjugated linoleic acid, ephedra or ephedrine, ginseng etc .

These ingredients result in raised blood pressure, heart problems and other such serious complications.

It is best to stay away from pills and supplements which claim to reduce your fat for you without involving any kind of physical exertion, for they will just take you for a ride at the cost of your health and money.


April Kerr is very keen on staying fit and healthy and has written about topics such as exercise for weight loss and herbs for weight loss

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Health Benefits of Garcinia Cambogia Extract

Jun 10th, 2013


garciniaWhat you need to know Garcinia cambogia fruit

Garcinia cambogia is a famous indigenous fruit that grows in Indonesia, India and some countries in Africa. People living in these regions where this fruit grows discovered the secrets that when added in different recipes, the fruit will make a person feel full. Garcinia cambogia is also referred to Malabar tamarind, which is a small pumpkin-shaped fruit that comes in different colors ranging between yellow, green and orange. When a person have a meal with this fruit their appetite will be suppressed which is an important factor when it comes to losing weight. Today, this fruit is used as an extract which contain wonderful ingredients that will help a person to achieve and maintain a desirable body weight.

Why is Garcinia Cambogia Hydroxycitric Acid important?

Garcinia cambogia extract contains a very useful citric acid called hydroxycitric acid (HCA). The main source of this acid is the rind which is found in the fruit. One of the benefits of HCA is that it stops the production of alpha amylase enzymes in the pancreas and also prevents the body from breaking down the starch into maltose and dextrin.

Hydroxycitric acid also inhibits any production of alpha glucosidase in the intestines to stop the conversion of disaccharides and other starches into glucose. In addition, this acid will prevent sugars and carbohydrates from being converted into fats by successfully inhibiting any production of citrate lyase. In absence of these enzymes in the intestines, starches, sugars and carbohydrates are discarded as wastes through the colon.

Hydroxycitric acid will also suppress the appetite by increasing the level of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin acts as neuro-transmitter in the brain that makes people to feel good. Low levels of serotonin make people to feel anxious or depressed, and this could lead into reactive eating.

Studies that showed it is an effective weight loss extract

Studies carried out on garcinia cambogia have showed that it is a potent weight loss product for anyone suffering with obesity. Some of the participants who were required to adhere to a diet of 1,200 calories a day they received garcinia cambogia extract, while the other group of participants who were on the same diet of 1.200 calories per day were given placebo extract. During the eight weeks of studies, participants given placebo lost 6 pounds while those who took HCA extract lost about 14 pounds. It has also been confirmed that when the users take the correct dosage of this extract they will not experience any side effect.

The extract is a stress reliever

This extract is able to treat other illnesses such as high triglyceride levels and high LDL cholesterol. It is also effective in treating depression by increasing the level of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin will help a person to relieve stress, get better sleep and enhance their mood. Without the required level of serotonin in the brain, one will be more susceptible to anxiety, loss of sleep, depression, chronic fatigue and emotional overeating.

Garcinia Cambogia is now available in many health stores and supermarkets as well as some reputable online websites.


Five Benefits to Using Creatine – The Truth About This Supplement As a Muscle Builder

Jun 10th, 2013

Muscle Builder Supplements                 Acai Berry Select

creatineThe search for products that can help in building muscle is ongoing due to the increasing popularity of this regime. Creatine, in particular, has been receiving reviews as a muscle building supplement. Let’s take a look at this body enhancer.

Creatine is a natural substance secreted by our body. The liver, kidneys, and pancreas produce this substance. These supplements flood the market because of their contribution to the speeding up of muscle-building.

Marketed as a metabolite, Creatine enhances the strength of muscles. When you workout, your muscles are stretched and expanded. These rigorous activities tend to tire the muscles out thereby eliminating their chances to gain mass or to thicken. When this happens, it will be far more difficult to gain a sculptured body.

Creatine works like a powerhouse for your muscles. It provides additional energy and strength so your muscles will not get tired of the strenuous exercises. This allows you to perform more sets of exercises and more easily build up muscle mass.

There are a number of advantages to using this supplement.

Increased training intensity
It helps improves your strength and energy to enable you to make use of the increased power in your muscles. Consequently, you will be able to lift heavier weights or intensify your weightlifting and bodybuilding routines.

Reduced muscle fatigue
Your muscles have will more power, and therefore they will not tire so easily. Thus, you can increase the weight you lift and the duration of your exercises.

Back-up for loss fat
As you will be losing fat more quickly with bodybuilding, the Creatine supplement is there to make up the loss. It’s like having back-up energy during and after your routines.

Faster muscle recovery
Aside from providing more strength, it also helps your muscles recover from fatigue. Studies have also shown that Creatine is able to speed up protein synthesis by your body which contributes to the nourishment of your muscles.

Promotes accumulation of muscle mass
No routine would be deemed effective if you did not have improvements in muscle build-up. Creatine follows this philosophy as it helps your muscles gain fibers. This would eventually lead to the build-up of muscle mass which will be visually noticeable after several weeks of training. It also assists you in having and maintaining leaner muscles.

Although Creatine may have proven its worth to a lot of muscle-builders, you should consult your trainer or physician before embarking down this route to ensure it is suitable for you.


Dan is a writer and researcher. He would like you to visit http://www.dentalinsurancesite.net which helps people find the best Dental Insurance Companies

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Dance Your Way to a Slimmer Body

Jun 3rd, 2013

Belly Dance Class                              Pole Dancing Course

dancing exercisesDancing is an ideal aerobic exercise that can help strengthen your heart and slim your body. Dancing has become increasingly popular in the last few years thanks in part to competitive dance television programs on television. According to Dr. Andrew Weil, people can burn up to 400 calories per hour just by dancing. Dr. Weil recommends at least 45 minutes of aerobic exercise five days each week for maximum fitness benefit.

Aerobic dance videos are popular exercise aids. The explosion of popularity of Bollywood movies with stimulating music and engaging songs has caught on in America. One of the most popular aerobic dance videos features Bollywood style choreographed aerobic dance. The music and movement is non-stop for fun weight loss exercise. The constant movement increases the heart rate and keeps it elevated throughout the workout for maximum aerobic benefit. A professional exercise trainer leads you through the video workout. Before beginning an aerobic dance exercise, stretch your muscles to help avoid injuries like a muscle strain.

Local community organizations and fitness centers frequently provided dance aerobic workouts and dance classes. If you like to workout with a group, taking dance classes is a fun way to exercise, burn calories, slim your body and learn new dance moves. Faster dances like jazz and hip hop dance classes can help you burn up as much as 300 calories per hour for rapid weight loss. You will work all of your major muscle groups, too. Ballet classes can provide the stretching exercises that will increase your flexibility while trimming and toning muscles.

Ballroom dancing is very popular in the United States following programs like Dancing with the Stars. Some fitness centers have responded by providing dance instruction. Ballroom dance popularity has sparked renewed interest in fitness dances like the salsa, the cha-cha and other high energy ballroom dances that can help you burn calories for weight loss. Ballroom dancing is a weight bearing exercise activity that can help increase bone strength and bone density. As your strength increases and your weight decreases, you will also see a marked improvement in balance and coordination.

Combine a healthy diet, drinking lots of water and getting plenty of rest with aerobic dance exercise to maximize your weight loss potential and fitness. You can burn calories, trim your body and dance your way to a slimmer, healthier you in a few weeks to a couple of months. You will experience increased strength and have more energy, too. You don’t have to join a club or buy a video to enjoy the benefits of aerobic dance exercise. Turn on the radio or play your favorite music CD and dance your way to a slimmer body.

Belly Dance Class                              Pole Dancing Course


Andrew Weil, M.D. http://www.drweil.com/drw/u/id/QAA400041

Robin Reichert is a certified nutrition consultant, certified personal trainer and freelance writer. She has been involved in the health and fitness industry for over 10 years. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from the University of San Francisco and a Master of Science in natural health from Clayton College. Robin’s goal is to make every personal training session fun and effective for her clients. Her services include both in-person and online personal training at http://www.trainwithmeonlinetoday.com.

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Circuit Training With Resistance Bands

Jun 3rd, 2013

MUSCLE MAXIMIZER!                                        TURBULENCE TRAINING!


circuit trainingCircuit training is a method in which a person will perform several different lifts in rapid succession, generally performed on numerous machines or simply with body weight exercises such as push-ups and pull-ups. This form of training is ideal for developing muscular endurance, improving cardiovascular health, and since it is a form of high intensity training, it has incredible implications on fat loss as well. Just about anyone can benefit from circuit training, but as always, I suggest consulting with your medical professional prior to beginning any high intensity training regimen. With that being said, I would like to discuss an incredible tool that can be utilized just about anywhere you work out – whether it be a gym, park, or even your own living room.


The options for circuit training are endless. Many gyms have entire circuit training rooms set up with machines, wall timers for interval tracking, and visual aids charting where to go next. However, just as any fitness program, your imagination is the limit with regards to circuit training. Whereas some may enjoy the structured feel of a gym, others may enjoy a more natural approach in a park utilizing their jungle gyms. Regardless of how you choose to train, I am confident resistance bands will find a place in your gym bag, and here’s why:

    1. Versatility — Bands can be used alone, or in conjunction to free weights. Not only can they be used for adding tension to exercises, but also for assisting in exercises by acting as a springboard, or trampoline, to aid through a troublesome lift such as a pull-up. Not to mention that with several varying sized bands all packed in a duffel bag, you can literally throw them in your trunk and head to a friend’s house for a group circuit training session. Bands are also great for all ages, skill levels, or fitness goals – from yoga to power lifting, resistance bands have their place!
    1. Variety — The spice of life. Maybe you do the same tiresome workout every day, or maybe you’re tired of driving to your gym during rush hour traffic after a long day’s work. Well why not mix it up with bands? Again, your imagination is the trainer – exercise bands are simply a tool that you can use to keep your fitness life interesting and progressing.
    1. Inexpensive — Consider what you’ll spend over the next 6 months for your gym membership. Monthly rate plus tax, yearly enhancement fees (bet they have one), and maybe even a yearly contract can add up in a heartbeat. Chances are you can equip your fitness arsenal with a quality set of resistance bands for cheaper than a 3-5 month gym membership.
  1. strength — From “toning” (which is basically some cushy word for building muscle you can see) to powerlifting, everybody wants a more muscular physique. Unless you’re a marathon runner or some bean pole of a lingerie model, chances are you prefer a little “meat” on your bones. But let’s be real – there is only one meat, and the other is just blubber. Resistance bands have also been described and strength bands for reasons several studies have proven. Adding resistance bands to your routine, in conjunction with a solid weight training regimen has been shown to increase muscle mass dramatically as opposed to free weights alone.


Here are a few key points to consider once you decide whether resistance bands are right for you:

    • WARRANTY – Several manufacturers sport a lifetime warranty, and rightfully so. Most resistance bands are crafted out of surgical grade tubing, which is highly elastic and very strong, but in the off chance that one happens to snap, being able to replace it free of charge is awesome.
    • EFFICIENCY – Circuit trainers understand the necessity of being able to switch from one exercise to another quickly – hence why most gyms with circuit rooms have everything set up in a circle for quick transitions. Look for resistance bands with carabiners or some sort of quick disconnect from attachments such as handles, door anchors, or ankle cuffs. This will allow the addition or subtraction of more and/or heavier bands depending on the exercises
  • ATTACHMENTS – As mentioned in “Efficiency”, attachments are crucial. bands a great, but a single tension band with an integrated handle has far less options than a handle with the ability to attach several sized bands at once. Also, detachable cuffs make leg and core exercises very comfortable and natural. Lastly, a simple door anchor can open up vast arrays of possible new exercises.

I hope the information found in this article has helped you in some way, and at the very least made you an educated buyer when shopping for fitness equipment. However, I encourage you to continue researching – the internet is full of videos, articles, etc. that can give very great insight as to what possibilities resistance bands offer.

MUSCLE MAXIMIZER!                                        TURBULENCE TRAINING!

For more information on what resistance bands can do for your fitness lifestyle, please visit my site at http://www.progressivepower.siterubix.com. Feel free to leave any questions in the comments box.

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Stair Climbing: Your Ticket to a Quick and Easy Cardio

Jun 3rd, 2013

PALEO FAT BURNER SYSTEM                                       GET LEAN NOW!


stairs climbing exerciseParks filled with rowdy kids? Gym too far from your home or office? Then perhaps it’s time to look at stadiums and tall buildings.

You’ve got it right — staircases. They’re the cheap alternatives to steppers (in fact, they don’t cost anything), and the best thing about them is you can do your cardio any time of the day.

Athletes have been performing stadium bleacher runs since time immemorial. It improves their cardiovascular stamina and promotes their muscular endurance — two things that are necessary for competitive games that last for hours.

For your part, stair climbing gives nearly the same benefits, but on a scale that’s just right for you.

The Benefits Of Stair Climbing

This activity is low-impact and safe for as long as you strictly observe the safety rules outlined below. It uses the muscles of the buttocks and the quadriceps (front of the thigh) muscles. It also gives your heart a super workout because you’re literally carrying your weight as you work against gravity.

Stair climbing is time efficient as it burns an unbelievable 300 calories in 30 minutes, depending on your pace and body weight.

This could be just the answer to our many alibis to keep from doing routines, such as “dogs chase me at the park,” or “the smog outside is just terrible”!

When Is The Best Time To Stair Climb?

If you’re using your office stairs, it’s better to do this activity after work as you’ll be all sweaty and exhausted. However, if you’re utilizing your apartment building staircase, early in the morning would be great!

Warming Up And Cooling Down

Walk around your apartment or office for about five minutes prior to tackling the stairs. You should also stretch your calves, quads, and hamstrings to avoid tearing.

On the first week, do the following for 10-15 minutes: Climb 2 flights and then march in place or walk around the entire floor for a couple of minutes to avoid “burning” thigh muscles or shortness of breath. Add five minutes every week to this routine until you’re finally able to climb the entire flight without needing to march in place or walk around the floor to catch your breath.

Safety Precautions For Stair Climbing

  • Wear shoes with good support — the best ones are aerobic or cross-training shoes. Running shoes are not recommended because they don’t give enough lateral support.
  • Make sure that the stairwell is well-lit and well-ventilated.
  • Drink enough water before, during, and after the workout.
  • Discontinue the session as soon as you feel any of the following: nausea, dizziness, heart palpitation, and disorientation, among others.
  • Alternate this activity with other forms of cardio so as to prevent overuse injury (caused by impacting the same bones and muscles over and over again).
  • Contrary to popular belief, your knees are more stressed coming down than they are going up because of your reflex of “putting on the brakes,” just as the downhill part of mountain climbing is more dangerous. You may want to take the elevator on the way back if you’re just beginning.
  • Assume the proper stance: Lean forward a bit from the hips and keep your back straight. Never slouch while stair climbing.
  • Don’t climb with heels hanging off the edge of the step as you’ll risk injuring your Achilles tendon. Instead, place your entire foot on each step.
  • Never climb a totally desolate area of the building! In the unlikely event of an accident, make sure that you can be heard if you cry out for help.

According to the New Zealand government website, http://www.nhc.govt.nz, stair climbing as an exercise can hold its own against the more established routines such as running and bicycling. A study has concluded that stair climbing is better than these two when considering “the most vigorous exercise in the shortest period possible”.

Mohamed Jamal is founder of FunLadyFitness.com a simple take on women fitness, tips and downloadable special reports that could enhance your next workout.


Visit http://funladyfitness.com to see the latest special reports and tips.

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Exercise Through Swimming – For Health And Weight Loss Benefits

Jun 3rd, 2013



exercise through swimmingExercise gives a lot of good benefits to our body. It may be in terms of health and shapes of our bodies. However, have you ever thought that there are many types of exercises? Indeed, you can engage into exercises depending on your preference.

Your lifestyle and personality have something to do when deciding about the issue. However, let me help you to choose which among the wide selection of exercise is better to do. Exercise through swimming because it is a good one and can be a lifetime sport.

You can do it all alone or it can be a great family bonding you can do anytime of the day. However, what are the benefits you can get from swimming? In this article, I will go over the various benefits you get from exercise swimming. In addition, you will learn more things about exercise in general, especially swimming.

Primarily, swimming is a very healthy leisure and sport that you can do today until the rest of your life. There are enormous health and exercise swimming benefits you can get in it apart from the fact that you can use it as fitness routine.

Swimming has various strokes, which you can all do at once and can make all of your muscles work. Among the benefits a swimmer can get are endurance, cardiovascular fitness, and general strength, particularly muscle. To help you grow more with bone density, you can do a lot of walking before you get into the pool, or beach.

In swimming, you can find the missing parts in your current fitness routine. Allow me to break down all of the health benefits of exercising through swimming. For athletes, working out different sports and having some lifting, you really need fitness swimming.

This can keep your heart rate while releasing stress from your body. In addition, when an injury causes you to stop from doing your land exercise, you can try swimming workouts as cross training element. In case that you are tired of your usual warm up routine before you perform your activity, swimming fits it best.

After you get tired, a few laps of swimming can also cool you down, can relax you, and can let your blood move through your body, specifically the muscles in order to help them recover.

During the hot season, you can take a dip on the pool to cool you off. Exercise through swimming pools is a good time to bond with your family and friends. This is very common to families around the world as a social outlet. It may be a group outing for friends who have not seen each for such a period of time because of their busy schedule in work, family, and lifestyle. In addition, spending quality time with your beloved family can be very easy through swimming.

You do not have to take an endless journey in the mall or in the park to bond with them. The crowd may just irritate your senses and instead of having a quality time with them, you will end up stressed out. You cannot also bury yourself inside the house with unhealthy foods and lifestyle. The best way to enjoy them is to go to a pool and from there, you can take a swim, challenge each other on how you can go and stop for awhile to exchange stories and laughter. Exercise routine swimming is a rewarding and priceless experience.

Exercise through swimming promotes weight loss because they can burn calories the other land for exercise. You can burn calories depending on your body weight, about 3 calories for a mile in every bodyweight pound. For instance, you have a body weight of 150 pounds, and it will take you about 30 minutes to swim a mile, then a maximum of 900 calories were burned in an hour of swimming.

However, not all swimmers can have that ability, or if others can, it took them some time before they did it. You will see the difference of swimming from land exercise; you do not have to cool yourself down after swimming workout unlike with land workouts.

Lastly, exercise through swimming makes good benefits to your heart, muscles, and others. To add more, psychological benefit can also be taken through swimming. You can take the time to relax. While floating, you can reflect about things or you can meditate to help you feel better.

Finally, many people who exercise through swimming find that they have developed their self-discipline, increased self-worth, goal setting, time management, and sportsmanship. Lastly, you can do things a whole lot better while you exercise through swimming.


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Walking Weight Loss Success Stories – How You Can Lose Weight Fast Walking

Jun 3rd, 2013


walking fitness

You hear a lot about walking weight loss success stories because walking is something almost everyone can do to lose weight.

There are a few simple ways to get more benefit from your daily exercise and increase your pounds lost. Read this article to learn a few tips and become a slender success yourself!

Walking Weight Loss Success Stories

Here a few ways to successfully lose weight by walking

1. Do interval sprints

This is similar to high intensity interval training (HIIT) but you do it walking rather than running. Do 6-10 intervals of “sprint” walking each time you workout and you will greatly increase your caloric burn during your workout and for a long time after you are done too.

2. Do longer walks (60 minutes or more)

Compared to a 30 minute walk, a longer walk boosts your post-exercise calorie burn by almost 5 times. Go outside in nature and the hour will fly by.

3. Wear a weighted vest and / or use fitness poles

Adding extra weight to your body will increase your weight loss and fat burning. Walking poles increase caloric burning too, plus it helps strengthen your muscles in your upper body and core.

5. Walk with a buddy

Studies have shown that if you have a workout partner you will be more likely to show up to do your workout and exercise longer. You will also stick with a program much longer too. So buddy up!

You can become one of the many walking weight loss success stories too – just lace up your shoes and go for it!


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Weight loss is easy and fun the way I do it – learn how here. http://quickhealthyweightlossplan.com/

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Walking Fitness – Walking Programs For Weight Loss

Jun 3rd, 2013


walking programs for weight loss

Walking is an effective way to get in shape and lose weight. It is an easy and pleasant experience as well. Walking could actually be the one successful activity that will help you lose weight. The reason is that walking is as effective as high-intensity activities while being more gentle on the body. In order to lose weight by fitness walking you need to add variety to your walking routine. This article will give you some tips on intensifying your workout.

Walking for Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight you don’t need to worry about sweating in the gym or exhausting yourself every day. Fitness walking is a gentle and pleasant way to lose weight. If you walk at a brisk and steady pace you are able to burn almost as many calories as you do while jogging or running. So if running is not for you then you can get the same positive effects by fitness walking.

Fitness walking allows you to burn a lot of calories. The amount of calories you burn per hour depends on your actual weight and your speed. But for sure, with the right speed you will easily be able to burn 500 calories. So it is a great way to exercise when you want to lose weight.

You need to get yourself a pair of good quality walking shoes and that is basically all you need to get started. If you are a beginner it is important to take it easy in the beginning until your muscles and joints have gotten used to the increase in activity. You can gradually increase your distance and pace as you get stronger.

The best thing about walking for weight loss is that it is easy and convenient. You don’t need a lot of equipment to get started and you don’t need expensive memberships. All you need is to put on your shoes and get out there. You can fit in your walking program whenever it fits in your daily schedule. And you have the freedom to do it everywhere. It is a very flexible type of exercise and that is why it is very effective for many people.

Walking Programs For Weight Loss

When you have gotten used to fitness walking and you are able to walk a good distance without getting tired then you can start adding some variety to your workout. This will make it easier for you to lose weight. When you first start out fitness walking you will see results very fast. As with any other type of exercise there comes a time when the body has gotten used to the increased activity and you don’t see results just as fast anymore. Then you know it is time to add a little extra.

There are many ways you can alternate your walking routine. One of the best ways to lose weight is to perform interval training. This means that you alternate your pace so you swift between high-intensity walking and low-intensity walking. For instance, you can walk very fast for 10 minutes and then slow down for 5 minutes. This type of exercise is great for your cardiovascular fitness.

Here are some tips on how you can alternate your walking program:

  • Interval walking
  • Walking on stairs
  • Walking on hills
  • On-walk exercises
  • Walking on sand
  • Walking with a stroller

Walking on stairs and hills will also give you an added effect to your workout. You can alternate in so many ways, it is only your imagination that sets the limits. For instance, you can walk up fast and walk down slowly. Even when you walk down slowly you use your muscles a lot as they have to keep you balanced as you slow down.

If you walk outside in nature you can take some breaks where you do another type of exercise. If you have a park or a forest near by, you can do sit ups on a fallen tree, arm lifts on a branch of a tree, and squats leaning on a bench. If you live near a coast line you can take walks on the beach and get the effect of walking on sand. Only the sky is the limit when it comes to fitness walking.

If you have kids you can walk with a stroller. Pushing a kid or two in front of you will surely get your pulse up. If you walk fast with a stroller you will be able to burn extra calories and tone your arms as well. Then add a hill as well and you are on a sure way to weight loss. If you have given birth recently, then this is a good way to get rid off some extra weight.


Are you looking for tips on walking for weight loss [http://www.walking-shoe.com/category/walking-for-weight-loss] then you can visit the fitness walking blog [http://www.walking-shoe.com/category/walking-for-weight-loss]. Here you will find articles on fitness walking, equipment and you will get many interesting fitness walking tips.

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Simple Exercises to Lose Weight at Home

Jun 3rd, 2013

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 There are lots of simple exercises to lose weight at home.

exercises to lose weightMany people feel that they cannot successfully lose weight unless they join a gym or a health club. A gym has the advantage in that you may meet people who are in the same situation as yourself, and this can help to keep you motivated.

However there are lots of exercises that you can do at home with or without equipment. The key for real long term weight loss is to stick with what you start. Too many people fail in this, and the main reason is not that they are lazy or they have a lack of motivation. The main reason why losing weight seems to be a never ending goal is that they try to do too much too soon.

If your body lacks the ability to do high levels of exercise, then it stands to reason that when you push it too far, it is going to rebel by fighting against what you are doing. It does this by placing ideas in your head which say things like

It is too hard.

I can’t do this

I’ll do it tomorrow

I don’t feel well enough

This leads you to reduce and eventually stop what you are doing, leaving you with the thought that you have failed again.

If you don’t like exercise, then the best way to approach it is to make it fun, and not as if it was some kind of punishment. There are plenty of exercises to lose weight at home which can be a lot of fun to do.

Here are a few exercises to lose weight without making it a real struggle.

Dancing as an Exercise

Dancing is a great way of keeping fit, burning lots of calories, and toning your body. You can either join a dance school and get professional tuition, or you can purchase a DVD relatively cheaply and follow the steps in the comfort of your own home.

Fast Walking as an Exercise

Fast walking is a great way of keeping fit and trim. Many people that like to walk to try and lose weight sometimes feel a bit awkward walking fast in the street. However this does not have to an obstacle. You can go to a park and do it, find a steep hill, or even get a weight vest.

A weight vest can be worn comfortably under your clothes, and acts as resistance which forces your body to burn more calories. It really is an under rated piece of exercise equipment, but can provide fantastic results if used regularly.

Swimming for Exercise

Technically this is not an exercise to lose weight at home, unless you have a large swimming pool, and if that is the case, give me your address and I’ll come over for a dip.

Seriously though, swimming is a great exercise for burning calories, as it is a whole body movement. The more of your body that you can engage in moving means that your body has to burn more calories. Apart from that, it is a very low impact exercise. Many people that have been overweight for a number of years may have issues with joint pain, and swimming addresses that concern.

Stair Climbing for Exercise

Climbing up and down the stairs is one of the best exercises to lose weight at home. Your biggest muscles are in your legs. When you exercise your legs, your body has to use a lot of energy, and this means a lot of calories.

Count going up and down as 1 rep. Once you can do a high number of reps, then you need to make it harder by carrying some sort of weight. This can be done with a small backpack or a weighted vest.

Finally don’t forget your diet. There is not much point in putting in the effort and time to exercise if you are not watching what you eat.

If you really want to get slimmer then clean up your diet and engage in some simple exercises to lose weight at home.


These are all basic exercises that you can do. However there is a great program that provides you with lots of exercises to lose weight [http://www.easierwayz.com/pages/exercise-/exercises-to-lose-weight/].

Along with working out, you also need to have the correct diet. Too many diets are unhealthy or over complicated. You have better options, find out more about the easiest weight loss diet.

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Weight Loss Strategies That Will Give You Success

Jun 3rd, 2013


weight loss strategiesThinking about ways to lose weight can sometimes be stressful if you’re feeling like you don’t know what to do. If you are one of the many who feels that they need to lose weight, it can start right here! To successfully lose weight, you need to follow proven and effective weight loss strategies. Here are a variety of ideas that will help you succeed.

Do not skip any meals when you are on a dieting program. Skipping meals makes you hungrier and more vulnerable to poor food choices and over-eating. It seems like skipping meals would be beneficial when trying to lose weight, but it is actually counter-productive.

TIP! Drink coffee if you want to maintain energy during your lifestyle change.

If you drink milk or water before eating, you will lose weight more easily. It will fill you up and prevent you from eating too many calories. Additionally, water keeps you hydrated and milk is full of calcium; this helps with strong bones and muscles.

You can lose weight by walking. It helps you lose the weight and helps increase your blood flow, which means you will be less hungry. You can burn 500 calories if you walk for an hour, and that is equal to the amount of calories in a small meal.

If you really enjoy desserts, try eating angel food cake for dessert. It’s airy and light and not as fattening as other types of dessert. Sometimes, it can be almost impossible to resist your cravings. Certain types of cake, such as angel food cake, have very little substance. Since they are not as dense, they do not have as many calories as other cakes.

TIP! Don’t keep junk food in your home. You won’t have to be tempted by fattening foods if they never enter into your house.

Do not skip your meals. You should eat no less than three meals per day. Yes, you can still eat a few snack foods in between, but don’t make it your full meal so you won’t end up skipping the actual meal. You want to establish a regular rhythm for your body.

Finding ways to get exercise during meal times is an ideal way to shave off the pounds. Are you going to have a picnic? Schedule it in a local park or other green space and then walk to it. If you time allows, arranging meals around a recreational activity is a fun way to burn off the calories and lose those pounds.

It is a well-known fact that muscle burns at least four times more calories than fat does. Muscles burn calories just by being on your body, even if you aren’t exercising. Doing strength training around two or three times weekly will help you build strong muscles.

TIP! Mashed cauliflower makes a healthy substitute for mashed potatoes. The recipe is quite simple.

Altering your diet so that it contains extra fruit and vegetables will assist you in your weight loss goals. The greater the variety of vegetables and fruits you eat, the better. The more you try, the more likely you are to find ones you like. Try substituting a piece of fruit for you normal desert and see if your aren’t completely satisfied. Vegetables make a healthy addition to dishes like stews and most soups.

By using this advice, you will be able to formulate your own plan for weight loss and physical fitness. This will leave you less stressed. All that remains is to incorporate what you have learned in a manner that works for you. To reiterate, achieving your goals may be easier than you think if you tackle them with determination.

My name is Felicia Starks and I am a certified personal fitness trainer and lifestyle weight management specialist. You’ve come to the right place if you need to lose belly fat and bring your sexy body back but you are…

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Confused about exactly where to start and how to keep motivated?

I’ll provide practical fitness tips and recipes to help everyday women shrink fat effortlessly with or without a gym membership.


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Online Diet Programs – What to Look For

Jun 3rd, 2013


diet plansOnline diet programs can make losing weight easier than traditional weight loss programs, thanks to the extra features they offer, which may include updates, online support and tools such as diet generator programs. However, there are so many to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to begin. No one plan will work perfectly for everyone, but all of the good ones will at least meet the following requirements:

Focus on Health

There are plenty of diets – online and offline – that promise quick weight loss, but which are faddy and often dangerously unbalanced, and are so difficult to stick with that the weight won’t stay off for long. A healthy plan will involve eating a wide range of foods, will allow for some ‘treats’, and won’t exclude any of the major food groups, or expect you to under-eat (so avoid low carb, low fat and low calorie diets). You should also receive information about exercise, which is a vital part of any healthy long-term weight loss effort. Ensure you choose a program that you can live with over the long term, and that won’t put your health at risk.


One advantage of web-based diet programs is that they are often more up to date than those found in books. It’s a lot easier to update a website or send out a new edition of an eBook than it is to reprint a physical book. The best online plans are updated regularly, and you should ideally get free access to all future updates after you’ve paid the initial fee.


Make sure than any plan you buy has a money back guarantee for a trial period, so you can read through all the materials and try the diet out to see how well it works for you. The fact is that no single diet plan is going to work well for every person – we all have different metabolisms, preferences and lifestyles – and to lose weight and keep it off, it’s vital to find a plan that you’ll be happy to stick with for the long term. Reputable diet authors know this, and guarantee their products, so you can get a refund if the plan isn’t a good match for you.


Web-based weight loss programs often come with a level of support that you wouldn’t normally get with a physical book. Some offer a forum or other virtual ‘meeting area’ for customers, and most will at least include a contact form so that you can have any concerns or questions answered personally. Avoid any program that doesn’t provide contact information.


A great advantage of online plans is that they often include various features over and above the main eBook itself. Many will come with a diet generator application, which makes meal planning very easy – and some of these even prepare a shopping list that you can print out based on your selections. You might also get tools to make it easy to keep track of your exercise routine, nutrient intake, calorie intake (if you’re counting calories) and other things. Some plans also include bonus material such as recipe books. So when deciding which program to go with, check out the extras too, as they can really add to the value of your purchase.

Keep these points in mind when evaluating online diet plans, and you’ll find it easier to avoid the scams and find the perfect program for you.


For unbiased reviews of a variety of online diet programs, visit Fat Loss Choices. Or save some time and check out one of the best downloadable plans right now – Strip That Fat [http://lose-weight-permanently.info].

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Review of the health benefits of L-Carnitine supplements

May 2nd, 2013

<img src="healthbenefitsoflcarnitine.jpg" alt=health benefits of L carnitine supplement">Nature has its own way of managing our body and creating a perfect balance to ensure our health and well being. We are all familiar with the role of Proteins, carbohydrates and other elements in our body. The scientists while carrying out detailed research on Proteins identified amino acids. They declared these amino acids the foundation or building blocks on which Proteins exist and survive within our bodies. These amino acids are organic compounds and to underestimate their importance for our body would be an insurmountable error. Other than 22 standard amino acids we have other non-standard amino acids existing in human body. One of such amino acids is L-Carnitine; though produced in isolation by our cellular machinery, the health benefits of L-Carnitine supplements cannot be ignored.

 One of the major health benefits of L-Carnitine supplement is its break down of fats to provide metabolic energy. Deficiency of L-Carnitine is a primary cause of several disorders generally it is believed that low level of this particular amino acid is because of genetic factors. Whatever the cause may be but nevertheless it has been established without doubt that the health benefits of L-Carnitine supplement are numerous. It is also an established fact that proper functioning of metabolism is essential for preventing health disorders as well as boosting our life expectancy. Coronary disorders are one of the common and widely spread phenomenons plaguing our daily lives and guess what L-Carnitine plays a crucial role here. The apparent health benefits of L-Carnitine include but not limited to boosting heart function through an active metabolism.

Kidney disorders often lead to low counts of red blood cells; the FDA recognizing the important role of L-Carnitine approves of its role in increasing the red blood cells in patients suffering from severe kidney disorders. This is one of other major health benefits of L-Carnitine supplement and cannot be treated as a mere rumor. Whenever we indulge in taking medicines most of us are worried about the potential side effects of such drugs but luckily L-Carnitine is generally a safe product to be used. If this cannot be included as one of the prime health benefit of L-Carnitine supplement then we guess the doubts will always overcome the truth.

This non standard amino acid is vitally linked to our metabolism therefore how it is possible that we can ignore its direct impact on the metabolic functions of the body. Metabolism is responsible for almost every vital function of our body; from respiration to reproduction thus boosting our metabolism will definitely yield multiple benefits and L-Carnitine helps you in there too. Another crucial and prime health benefit of L-Carnitine supplement is its ability to overcome your physical and mental fatigue. It works in two directions for at one end it strives to build the muscle mass and on the other hand it reduces the fat levels in our bodies. It is hardly surprising if you can understand the relationship of a vibrant metabolism with our health; courtesy of L-Carnitine.  Metabolism effectively turns the food into energy so we can lead a normal life and the health benefits of L-Carnitine supplement to enhance your metabolism along with it being a ‘safe product’ is enough to silence even the worst skeptic!

Type 2 Diabetes – Beat That Belly Fat!

May 2nd, 2013
One of the worst things a Type 2 diabetic can do to aggravate their condition is to not maintain a healthy body weight. (Your doctor can advise you on what an ideal weight for your height should be). When diabetics put on excess weight, one of the first areas it shows up is in the midsection. This is one of the worst areas for fat to be deposited. But why is that?
The truth is belly fat is the number one contributor to developing Type 2 diabetes. Belly fat or visceral fat is the fat accumulation that results in an increased waist measurement. The visceral fat fills in around the organs in your abdominal area and actually crowds them. These organs are crucial in maintaining proper blood sugar levels and now they are being suffocated with visceral fat. Once in place, belly fat is active… visceral fat cells manufacture chemicals which prevent other cells from responding to insulin in the way they should.

It is well documented individuals who have excess fat stored in their abdominal area are at a much higher risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. The visceral fat leads to the body developing a condition called insulin resistance. This is because fat in the abdomen is caused by insulin levels that are too high. This is due to too much of the white stuff: white flour, white bread, white rice and sugars. In the same regard, trimming the fat off of the abdomen is accomplished by cutting out these foods.

Another contributor to belly fat is a sedentary lifestyle. If an individual doesn’t get enough movement to burn the excess calories they are consuming, it will often make its way to the belly before going anywhere else.

Belly fat is different from fat located anywhere else in the body. Belly fat is not like subcutaneous fat that can be removed by liposuction.

How do you know if you have too much belly fat? What’s even riskier than being overweight? Carrying excess fat around your waist. Even someone at a healthy weight may be in trouble if his or her belly is too large. How big is too big?

  • for women, a waist measurement of more than 35 inches (88.9 cm), and
  • for men, a waist measurement of more than 40 inches (101.6 cm)

To take your waist measurement, on either side of your body find the top of your pelvic bone. Using that as a starting point, place your tape measure around your bare abdomen. Although the tape should be snug it should not be pressing into your skin. Keep the tape parallel to the floor and don’t hold your breath.

But while it is not a fool-proof method for determining your exact fat level, it is still a great indicator to give you a general idea of what you are working with.

So, now you know what causes belly fat and what harm it can do to your body, how do you get rid of it? Despite what some people believe, sit-ups are not the answer. While this has the ability to build your stomach muscles, it does nothing for the layer of fat covering them.

The best way to cut down the fat is to burn it off. Aerobic and low-impact exercises combined with a proper diet is, by far, the best remedy for belly fat. At the same time, it will strengthen your heart, increase blood and oxygen flow and keep your muscles and joints limber and active.

Beverleigh Piepers is the author of this article. This article can be used for reprint on your website provided all the links in the article are complete and active. Copyright (c) 2010 – All Rights Reserved Worldwide

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Weight Management: Metabolism for women

May 2nd, 2013

<img src="metabolismforwomen.jpg" alt=metabolism for women">I am not sure whether it is a myth or a theological fact but I often heard that women were created from men’s rib. I have always thought of it as an old women’s gossip from ‘good old days’ that was forwarded to us from time beyond. At times I tend to sway away from the main theme; consider it a writer’s fallacy. The point due to which I remembered this particular ‘quote’ was while getting an insight into metabolism for women and how it works. Apparently there is a significant difference due to physical and anatomical differences. The metabolism for women may differ in some functions where as in others it is on the same level as their male counterparts.

You must have noted the visible changes in appetite and at times behavior of women during pregnancy period. This happens because during that time period metabolism for women becomes a totally different ball game than under normal circumstances. The purpose of metabolism is to provide energy for the human body so that it can sustain itself while performing all the essential functions like respiration, circulation, digestion end etc. if you are able to boost your metabolism it certainly translates into better performance of all vital organs of the body.

The metabolism requirements of human body change according to the energy needs. It is an established fact that metabolism for women is a little slower than man owing to different energy expenditures. This is the prime reason that a difference in calorie intake for men and women exists. Dieticians advise women to consume fewer calories approximately 300 or so to ensure that they remain healthy and do no become obese. If being a woman you are concerned about your metabolic rate than it not as worrisome as you may feel. You can follow certain simple rules to ensure your well being.

You can easily boost up metabolism for women by maintaining a healthy intake of water. This wonder element is essential for women not only for smoother performance of vital bodily functions as well as to enhance and preserve their beauty.  Life style dictates metabolism for women too; an active lifestyle ensures better circulation of blood. Walking sessions of 30 minutes per day can do a lot to make you healthy. Circulation is improved magically due to these ‘walks’ that you can indulge in at a leisurely pace as well.

The value of a balanced diet in enhancing metabolism for women cannot be undermined either. Eat diet rich in fiber and low in fat with lots of fruits and vegetables. If you are not averse to the idea of drinking ‘Green Tea’ than I would certainly recommend you to take it daily at least once or twice a day without sugar with a slice of freshly squeezed lemon. It is a natural antioxidant and can significantly boost metabolism for women as well as men.


The Green tea metabolism: a modern day miracle

Apr 21st, 2013

<img src="greentea.jpg" alt="green tea metabolism">If you have visited an authentic Chinese Restaurant you will witness people eating ‘chop mein’ with delight while sipping on something in small ‘china’ cups. These cups often contain ‘green tea’ or ‘jasmine tea’ generically referred to as ‘Chinese tea’. There are different varieties of Green tea available in the market owing to the different ‘horticulture’ linkages. We however will confine ourselves to the generic green tea and its ‘miraculous effects’ on human body.

Benefits of green tea

The green tea originated from China around 2700 BC; adding to the already growing list of Chinese discoveries. A ‘Zen’ priest in late 1100 identified green tea being vital for health of several important body organs especially the heart. Its effect on human metabolism was highlighted and subsequent research as well as studies concluded that indeed green tea excels at promoting metabolism functions. Metabolism is basically identified with physical as well as chemical processes that enable conversion of energy so that the body may function properly. The conversion of food into energy is greatly enhanced by green tea for it acts as a catalyst. From breathing to blood circulation and digestion to excretion; all functions are to a degree affected positively by consumption of green tea.  Studies have shown that regularly drinking green tea can give your metabolism a boost. This is  because of the high content of catechin polyphenols found in green tea, which leads to higher levels of fat oxidation and thermogenesis, or the rate at which your body burns calories. Basically, this means that elements contained in green tea have the effect of heating up the body, which revs your metabolism.  Those catechins have other benefits too- they help to inhibit the movement of glucose into fat cells. This means that green tea can help to slow down the rise in blood sugar after a meal, and prevent high insulin spikes and the resulting fat storage.


Role that green tea plays

Researchers have identified green tea’s role as an antioxidant. The role of green tea in helping reduce weight can also be not underplayed. It has fewer calories and if consumed with a fresh lime the effects can multiply on burning excess fat within our body. The Green tea boosts human metabolism significantly and is one of the healthier options available to protect oneself from coronary diseases and cancer. The American Journal of clinical Nutrition reported that approximately 5 % increase in metabolism is proven after continuous usage of green tea. The study carried out emphasized the role of certain herbs along with caffeine in reducing weight effectively while aiding the digestive system in assimilation of food. Green Tea is an ideal alternative to coffee or black tea and if consumed on a regular basis can play a vital role in your well being.

Of course we have skeptics who believe that green tea does not play a worthwhile role in reducing weight or helping out already obese individuals. Since our focus is related to metabolism we can nevertheless rule out these skeptics as biased. Increased metabolism contributes positively to every aspect of our bodily functions. In most regions of South East Asia green tea has been used for decades as an ideal element to improve breathing and over come sinus or asthma related issues. Better metabolic rate can no doubt help us reduce our weight but the other benefits of consuming green tea on a regular basis cannot be over looked. The ‘thermogenic’ properties of green tea increases our body’s over all energy expenditure by a substantial percentage. We are already aware that tea or coffee makes us more active; this is true for green tea too. In fact green tea is a much better alternative due to low calories and less caffeine. A cup of green tea in the morning and another in the evening can ensure a much better metabolism rate. If you are not hooked on to ‘green tea miracle’ we strongly urge you to do so and enjoy a healthy, vibrant life style.


Apr 21st, 2013

metabolism for menGod created man and women equal; but He granted them different physical, psychological and emotional attributes. Thus it is nature’s methodology that metabolism for men differs from that of the fairer sex. Before we dwell further into the subject let me give you a brief introduction of what exactly is metabolism all about. There are several chemical reactions and transformations going on within our body; these reactions are responsible for sustaining healthy life along with all the vital bodily functions. These functions include respiration, digestion, circulation, reproduction and so on. Smoother metabolism for men means better quality of life. The energy needs of our body to maintain all vital functions comes from the food we consume and metabolism ensures that we are never deprived of that energy.

Metabolism for men is slightly different than that of women due to the difference in body structure as well as the energy expenditure requirements. On an average studies suggest that the energy requirements of men are around 10 percent more than that of women. Therefore the conclusion is obvious that metabolism for men is slightly different ball game than that of their female counterparts. One fact must be kept in mind that generally the ways to have a better metabolism for men or women may differ slightly owing to the physical attributes of men. Since a male body in comparison to a female is composed more of muscle mass and heavier bone structure; their fat ratio is also slightly lower than that of females. This however does not indicate or guarantees that metabolism for men functions better than that of women.

Some people suggest that it is easier for men to lose weight for they have less fat in their bodies. This is not a reliable conclusion; the reason for weight loss has got more to do with the life style and consumption habits. Metabolism for men if boosted up can definitely create a much desired positive impact but the same tips can be effective for women as well. The key to improving metabolism for men or women depends largely on how or what they do, their eating and sleeping habits. Simply put facilitating metabolism can be done by following certain common tips and avoiding some fatal errors. If men desire a healthier life than they must focus on all aspects rather than becoming a simple ‘gym monkey’. Dieting is not recommended for men, sleeping early and keeping yourself well hydrated can contribute positively to the health and well being of men. Exercising regularly and if time is not a luxury than a simple early morning walk can do wonders vis-à-vis metabolism for men. Similarly making the right food choices will definitely yield long term benefits. Try to consume organic food and focus on eating fresh fruits. High fiber diet is good too if you can keep up with it. If you are not a coffee or tea drinker than this may be a good time to start for it has been established with different researches that coffee and tea can improve metabolism for men up to 10 percent easily.

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